Jenson & Nicholson (BD) Ltd.

People at JNBL

At Jenson & Nicholson (Bangladesh) Ltd our people are our best resources. Currently people at J&N are being placed under following departments –

Accounts & Liaison

Accounts & Liaison department maintains financial transactions of the company complying with standard accounting practices, and generate effective reports for internal and external stakeholders. This department efficiently maintains cash, accounts payable and accounts receivable. Furthermore this department maintains liaison with external stakeholders and authorities.

LR & Administration

LR & Administration of J&N is contributing to maintain proper work atmosphere at factory. For doing so the department is relentlessly retains good labor relation, proper administration, HSE practices, and compliances with standards.

RM Warehouse

RM Warehouse department is responsible for material purchase, storage, and ensuring availability of RM. A mix of young and experienced professionals is maintaining the department.


CSD is short form of ‘Counting & Sizing department’. This department is responsible for counting of Tin Sheets, and cutting and Slitting of full sheets into specified small portions. CSD then supplies those slitted sheets for further processing to Press (components sheets) or Assembly (body sheets). A team of young and energetic engineers are contributing to CSD.


Press department produces various components (i.e. Ring, Lid, Bottom, and EL) required to assemble metal cans. To maintain component requirement and DSL the department has to work closely with CSD and Assembly department. And its highly technical environment attracts engineers to take challenges.


J&N has in house metal printing facility equipped with world class machineries and experienced professionals. This department runs automated UV Printing machines and conventional printing machines simultaneously. In addition to catering J&N’s printing requirements, the department has capacity to offer quality printing services to external customers.


J&N’s Assembly department handles a good number of Automatic can assembling lines along with traditional assembling lines with sheer perfection. Being a highly engineering environment, the department is attractive playground for engineers.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance department of J&N is equipped with best quality control equipments. The department ensures that only quality cans are being delivered to our valuable customers. Very experienced QA professionals are running the department.

VAT & Distribution

VAT & Distribution is responsible for properly ensures Value Added Taxes are properly deducted. The department has to keep liaison with Government Income Tax department. Alongside with VAT, the department also looks after proper distribution of FG to the customers.

Business Development

Business Development explores new business opportunities to maximize sales. The department introduces our products and offers to potential and existing customers, and communicates internally on how to innovatively meet customers need. Linking consumers’ needs with the capacity of fulfilling them, the Marketing departments are exploring new opportunities especially in Food Grade segment of the business as the company has recently expanded in a good extent, and also in pursue to achieve ISO and FSSC certification.

Information Technology

Leveraging power of technology and data in business practice makes it easier for a modern company to make proper business decisions. J&N is always keen to employ best technologies. J&N’s business processes are supported by best in class ERP solution SAP, and cutting edge hardware and network solutions.